Take a walk in her shoes-3 EASY STEPS TO CONSIGNMENT SHOPPING by Ms.Nisha



Have an expensive taste that doesn’t exactly match up with your budget? Well dolls, cutting coupons won’t likely get you into those louboutins you have sitting in your online shopping cart at bloomingdales.com. Face it! Saks does not offer layaway and by the time you’ve saved up enough to get even the most basic pair of Loubies, seasons will have changed and all hopes of getting your dream shoes will be out the window. But don’t fret just yet; here’s an option for you.


Consignment shops have quickly become the hottest thing in the fashion industry for the budget conscious labelwhore. The rich, and perhaps not-so-famous, have been doing this for years and its finally time for us regular folk to jump on board. Thanks to Instagram, celebs and boutique owners alike have been listing their worn designer bags, purses and shoes for nearly half the price. The sales are tremendous and the items are not so bad. If you don’t mind a scuff here or there in exchange for a hefty price cut, this option has your name written all over it.


Consignment Shop is a fancy name for Resale store, however, you won’t find granny’s old smocks or grass stained jeans as you would with say, The Goodwill. Consignment shops are exclusively for luxury items. They are carefully selected and authenticated by professionals in the industry. Each item has to be near perfect condition and pass inspection before it is listed, which makes for easy online shopping. This, my dear, is serious business. Here are some tips for consignment shopping:


  1. Research before you buy

When making a purchase online it is always important to research the company first. Not only should you be selective with what sites you use to ensure that you are getting authentic designer merchandise, you also want to make sure that you are shopping through a secure site so that your credit card and personal information is safe. The last thing you want is to have your credit card information stolen AND get fake red bottoms in the mail!


  • Read the Reviews


No reviews are often better than bad reviews. Yes, this is true! Think, how often have you purchased something and liked it so much that you got online and wrote a review? Now, think about this… How often have you had such a horrible experience that you just had to tell someone? People are more likely to tell people about the bad experiences, simply because we feel compelled to stop the next person from being bamboozled. If you aren’t so sure about a company and don’t see any reviews at all, don’t count them out, remember, you haven’t found any bad ones either.


  • Location is Key


Each site should have a “contact us” or “about us” section: check out the location. If they have an actual store, which most legitimate consignment shops do, consider the following. Are they located in Beverly Hills or Mobile Alabama? Which one do you think is likely to have people stop in their store and sell their authentic luxury items?   Side note: NONE OF YOUR FAVORITE DESIGNERS ARE “MADE IN CHINA”. Sorry, Aliexpress may not be the best place to make your next big purchase, in case you were wondering.


Lupita’s Dress Inspires the Masses by Nisha


Lupita’s Dress Inspires the Masses

We have never been afraid of color. Lime greens and neon pinks have been a part of our wardrobes before the trend started. So, it came to no surprise that Lupita Nyong’o was able to pull off the most notable ensemble at the 2014 Oscars.   We’ve seen her in an unforgettable Ralph Lauren red caped gown at the Golden Globes and just when we were beginning to finally catch the breaths that look literally snatched from us, she pulls out this light blue slice of heaven. The dress, created by the geniuses of Prada was undoubtedly brought to life by Lupita that night. Her grace, elegance and confident air flowed through the entire event and cause everyone to stop, stare and envy. No tan, whether achieved via UV light or sprayed on, could compare to the blinding ebony glow Ms. Nyong’o toted even before her big win. You see, Lupita was a winner the moment she slid that dress on. She wins because no matter what fashion expert tells a woman of color to tone it down to ensure her skin compliments her clothes, Lupita has used her attire to strategically draw attention to her skin tone. And she owns it! She isn’t hiding behind blacks or shouting ‘look at me’ by wearing all white, she allows her own color to paint the picture and by using the dress as a canvas, she shines brighter than any star walking the carpet. That in itself is inspiring.   The blind eye would be inspired by her speech, which was truly quotable, but real fashionistas were inspired by her look, which said much more than words could. Her look for the night silently screamed “Now that I have your attention, hear me.” We can only wait to see what story her next gown will tell.


Photo Credit: Pappzd.com

Author: Ms. Nisha


Atlanta International Fashion Week 2014

Atlanta International Fashion Week 2014

“Welcome Aboard!”



ATLANTA, GA June 23, 2014 – The AIFW Team presents the 8th Edition of their annual fashion week. This is theONLY official fashion week of Atlanta and this year’s theme is “Travel in Style”, where you’ll need a “Passport to Fashion”. This is a five-day Tour de Atlanta through premier locations showcasing the finest cuisine, most exclusive shopping destinations, and cultural communities.

The 8th annual AIFW is taking place July 29th-August 3rd at various locations in downtown Atlanta including theillustrious W Hotel-Midtown and Lenox Mall and will feature five days of elaborate runway shows with top designers andexquisite concept stores, pop up shops, and fashion shows.

AIFW cultivates established and on-the-rise designers through numerous industries and networking events, includinghosting Fashion Lives Here, a fashion awareness program created to generate international attention to Atlanta’svivacious retail market and arts community. The Fashion Apprentice – Pretty Academy Ambassador mentorship whichgives an opportunity for twenty emerging talents interested in the fashion, design, beauty, and retail industry to gainhands on experience and education.

AIFW has featured the catwalk favorites of White House Black Market, Roberto Cavalli, Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole,Juicy Couture, Rock & Republic, Sean John, Ed Hardy, Dereon, True Religion and international partners such as theWorld Fashion TV, Comcast, Mercedes Benz, Paul Mitchell, and W Hotel; Established international partnerships withcountries such as Africa, Canada, Puerto Rico, Caribbean, India, and United Kingdom, mark AIFW to be a marqueeevent.

Atlanta International Fashion Week

Fashion Apprentice (501c3 Nonprofit)

(888) 867-3099

(888) 619-9801 Fax








Instagram: @AtlFashionWeek

Twitter: @FashApprentice

Remix art

She Bad Remix

DLux – No Filters: Chapter 1 Hosted by DJ Khaled | Dropping on DatPiff.com 07/14/2014 @ 3:00pm!


Charlie Stardom - Nobody artwork

Happy Birhday Charlie $tardom from Biz

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE $TARDOM!!!!!!! (July 1st, 2014)

At the age of six, Charlie Stardom (born Charles Johnson Jr in Indianapolis, Indiana) realized he wanted to sing.

His father noticed his gift early & began showing him the ropes. “My father would take me to Rockin Billy’s every Saturday to pick out whatever tape I wanted from Jodeci to Parliament Funkadelic”, recalls Stardom.
Charlie Stardom has worked with artists such as Murphy Lee, Rich Boy, Pizzle, Brian Angel (Day26), MIMS & more.

Charlie Stardom credits Stevie Wonder, R.Kelly, Marvin Gaye, Faith Evans, Babyface, MJ, & Brandy as some his musical influences.

Some of Charlie’s music has been featured on 2DopeBoyz, YouHeardThatNew & FakeshoreDrive.



New Video Release Jae Ace “Stayed Down”

Midwest talent Jae Ace hits the streets hard again after a heavy banger titled Vice Versa produced by Industry Freshman Cardo

This time he releases another street single with a visual. “Stayed Down” is Jae Ace’s new claim to fame.

On behalf of The Regime, EI$G, & The Elusive Orkestra we hope you enjoy

Thank you for taking time out of your day to check out his latest art and we appreciate any comments, shares, and posts


New Self-Published Book Reveals Secrets Behind Starting A Business With 0 Dollars

New Self-Published Book Reveals Secrets Behind Starting A Business With 0 Dollars

GREENVILLE, SC-June 4, 2014—South Carolina based entrepreneur and motivational blogger, Natasha ‘Tottie’ Weston announces the publication of her debut book, “10 Effective Ways to Start Your Business with 0 Dollars.” On June 20, 2014 this self-published work will be available as an eBook and in print on Amazon.com.

Weston’s new book for beginning entrepreneurs is a collation of much of her own valuable experiences in creating a business of her own while already working a full-time job. “10 Effective Ways to Start Your Business with 0 Dollars” is designed as a realistic guide for aspiring entrepreneurs. She shares a combination of practices, methods and habits used at the very start of her entrepreneurial journey. Natasha hopes to reach the reader right where they are in the present—broke with dreams of starting a business with no money upfront!

This book highlights the importance of identifying your talents and the purpose behind your business before going any further. Weston even explains why this should be done before drafting a business plan or acquiring an LLC.

“Entrepreneurship is a part of the new American dream and I encourage anyone who wants to start a new business to do so,” says Weston. “Stepping outside of your comfort zone and using every resource available to you- whether you are sitting on your couch or in a cubicle is important. Knowing your purpose, identifying your talents and learning how to use free resources are all very important components when starting a business.”

Prior to the release of “10 Effective Ways to Start Your Business with 0 Dollars,” the public is encouraged to visit TheTottieBrand.com and TableTalkwithTottie.com. Subscribers will have the opportunity to receive free chapters, autographed copies and other special offers.

Natasha ‘Tottie’ Weston is available for interviews and appearances. For booking media appearances, interviews, and/or book signings, contact eloquencepr@yahoo.com. For additional information about the author and/or book, please visit TheTottieBrand.com or email info@thetottiebrand.com.


About the Author: Natasha ‘Tottie’ Weston is an entrepreneur and founder of Eloquence Enterprises. Most known for her multi-talents and the creation of her own opportunities, Natasha is building an empire from the ground up by inspiring others and being effective through business.

DLux Quotes Difference DLux Music

R&B Prince DLUX Interview with JMarie

JMarie: So tell everyone who don’t know you who you are?

DLux: Well my name is Darryl Lux, my stage name is DLux.

JMarie: Your music career right now is peaking at a national level, what city are you originally from?

DLux:I’m from Milwaukee, WI

JMarie: What began your path as a singer?

DLux: Watching this old school show called “The Box.” I saw R. Kelly, Keith Sweat, Janet Jackson, and I just felt like that was supposed to be me. Just listening to my mom play those records just made me happy.




JMarie: What was the most challenging obstacle you feel like you have overcome?

DLux:My relationship with my mother really left a scar on me”. I find it hard to trust people. But in a sense it also made me strong and really made me commit to my craft. I learned to put my ego to the side for the sake of getting a project done right. I stand my ground when I have to; but the hardest thing to do is put egos to the side.  I have my moments where I go rogue but I really learned to trust my team.