Atlanta International Fashion Week 2014

Atlanta International Fashion Week 2014

“Welcome Aboard!”



ATLANTA, GA June 23, 2014 – The AIFW Team presents the 8th Edition of their annual fashion week. This is theONLY official fashion week of Atlanta and this year’s theme is “Travel in Style”, where you’ll need a “Passport to Fashion”. This is a five-day Tour de Atlanta through premier locations showcasing the finest cuisine, most exclusive shopping destinations, and cultural communities.

The 8th annual AIFW is taking place July 29th-August 3rd at various locations in downtown Atlanta including theillustrious W Hotel-Midtown and Lenox Mall and will feature five days of elaborate runway shows with top designers andexquisite concept stores, pop up shops, and fashion shows.

AIFW cultivates established and on-the-rise designers through numerous industries and networking events, includinghosting Fashion Lives Here, a fashion awareness program created to generate international attention to Atlanta’svivacious retail market and arts community. The Fashion Apprentice – Pretty Academy Ambassador mentorship whichgives an opportunity for twenty emerging talents interested in the fashion, design, beauty, and retail industry to gainhands on experience and education.

AIFW has featured the catwalk favorites of White House Black Market, Roberto Cavalli, Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole,Juicy Couture, Rock & Republic, Sean John, Ed Hardy, Dereon, True Religion and international partners such as theWorld Fashion TV, Comcast, Mercedes Benz, Paul Mitchell, and W Hotel; Established international partnerships withcountries such as Africa, Canada, Puerto Rico, Caribbean, India, and United Kingdom, mark AIFW to be a marqueeevent.

Atlanta International Fashion Week

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New Self-Published Book Reveals Secrets Behind Starting A Business With 0 Dollars

New Self-Published Book Reveals Secrets Behind Starting A Business With 0 Dollars

GREENVILLE, SC-June 4, 2014—South Carolina based entrepreneur and motivational blogger, Natasha ‘Tottie’ Weston announces the publication of her debut book, “10 Effective Ways to Start Your Business with 0 Dollars.” On June 20, 2014 this self-published work will be available as an eBook and in print on

Weston’s new book for beginning entrepreneurs is a collation of much of her own valuable experiences in creating a business of her own while already working a full-time job. “10 Effective Ways to Start Your Business with 0 Dollars” is designed as a realistic guide for aspiring entrepreneurs. She shares a combination of practices, methods and habits used at the very start of her entrepreneurial journey. Natasha hopes to reach the reader right where they are in the present—broke with dreams of starting a business with no money upfront!

This book highlights the importance of identifying your talents and the purpose behind your business before going any further. Weston even explains why this should be done before drafting a business plan or acquiring an LLC.

“Entrepreneurship is a part of the new American dream and I encourage anyone who wants to start a new business to do so,” says Weston. “Stepping outside of your comfort zone and using every resource available to you- whether you are sitting on your couch or in a cubicle is important. Knowing your purpose, identifying your talents and learning how to use free resources are all very important components when starting a business.”

Prior to the release of “10 Effective Ways to Start Your Business with 0 Dollars,” the public is encouraged to visit and Subscribers will have the opportunity to receive free chapters, autographed copies and other special offers.

Natasha ‘Tottie’ Weston is available for interviews and appearances. For booking media appearances, interviews, and/or book signings, contact For additional information about the author and/or book, please visit or email


About the Author: Natasha ‘Tottie’ Weston is an entrepreneur and founder of Eloquence Enterprises. Most known for her multi-talents and the creation of her own opportunities, Natasha is building an empire from the ground up by inspiring others and being effective through business.

DLux Quotes Difference DLux Music

R&B Prince DLUX Interview with JMarie

JMarie: So tell everyone who don’t know you who you are?

DLux: Well my name is Darryl Lux, my stage name is DLux.

JMarie: Your music career right now is peaking at a national level, what city are you originally from?

DLux:I’m from Milwaukee, WI

JMarie: What began your path as a singer?

DLux: Watching this old school show called “The Box.” I saw R. Kelly, Keith Sweat, Janet Jackson, and I just felt like that was supposed to be me. Just listening to my mom play those records just made me happy.




JMarie: What was the most challenging obstacle you feel like you have overcome?

DLux:My relationship with my mother really left a scar on me”. I find it hard to trust people. But in a sense it also made me strong and really made me commit to my craft. I learned to put my ego to the side for the sake of getting a project done right. I stand my ground when I have to; but the hardest thing to do is put egos to the side.  I have my moments where I go rogue but I really learned to trust my team.

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Entrepreneurship takes on a Sweeter Role with Cupcake Mafia Owner Mz. Skittlez

24:8 Public Relations Announcement
Entrepreneurship takes on a Sweeter Role with Cupcake Mafia Owner Mz. Skittlez beating all the odds in Life and in Fashion! 
Why she is so inspiring to many! Read some of Cupcake Mafia’s empowering facts:
*First company to shut down the big cartel network during our insane Black Friday sent out 1500 plus orders in three day span
*20% of our proceeds goes to Breast Cancer
*We do at least 4 events a week Pop Up Shops,Vending Booths at concerts, Fashion Shows, Charity Events And Etc.
*We want our brand to be more about the Lifestyle versus the brand
*We have created the most Loyal cult following of girls.
*Within a short three years we are sold in 400 plus clothing stores across the world
*Celebrities from all over have helped to increase brand awareness.
*Our Complete team is in house, we don’t out source to other countries.
*We sponsor lots of Breast Cancer races across the country
*We are in the process of finalizing our Save the Cupcakes Foundation.
*We produce a collection 4 times a year and mini collections in between to stay the best women’s Street-wear line out.
*Third time showing at Magic Tradeshow as a Women’s Streetwear Brand
*Only Female brand to show at the all male trade-shows such as Cobb Streetwear, and Preview Tradeshow.

Frequently Used Cupcake Mafia Terminology:

Muffin - Ex Boyfriend or A Person you were previously interested in.

Cupcake -  a sweet chic. or any female that’s amazing has goals and dreams.

Baker’s Man -  A guy that supports the movement, or has your best interest no matter what!

For Sweet Sake - When you see something that makes your jaw drop.

Buns - Girls that are not cupcakes, that continue to Hate on what you are doing or your success
(A Bun can also be a girl that is not attractive, has a bad attitude, or just not to your liking)

Icing -  stands for many things money, cars, bling, material things,
(Use this by saying, ” Wow, Im impressed he definitely has a lot of Icing”

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Angel Brinks Presents “Dirty Debutante”

24:8 Public Relations Announcement
Queen Of Fashion Leggings turn MOGUL
You may know Angel Brinks as the queen of fashion leggings but now’s the time to know her as MOGUL, Trendsetter, and Trail blazer in the fashion industry! Angel, known Model, Designer and Hollywood Socialite birthed Angel Brinks Fashion Leggings in 2011. Her passion for the arts since a young girl came alive in this line starting with Leggings and Bodysuits. AB has become a household name amongst fashionistas around the world but not shy of your favorite musical artists, actresses and TV personalities. This Mother of 2 has begun to pave the way, building an unshakable empire that is a force to be reckoned with!
Angel Brinks the brand has recently expanded to cosmetics teaming up with Atlanta based company Dirty Debutante to create a line of lip gloss and lipstick entitled “Diamonds are Forever”. “Great Pigments and Perfect Colors” says, Angel Brinks. Since the release of the collection it has caught the eye of Walmart, Walgreen and some of your favorite TV Personalities.
Some may think that the buck stops here, so to speak but that is the furthest from the truth. The Angel Brinks Empire has a few irons in the fire. This Spring, 2014 the are gearing up to release a nail polish collection, Hair Clip-ins and Parfum. It’s safe to say that Angel Brinks is a trail blazing entrepreneur and more than just Instagram famous (wink).
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